Mindfulness Meditation Retreat for Therapists

Deepen your personal practice and understanding of mindfulness meditation and its clinical implementation within MiCBT.

This retreat is an ideal training event to maintain yearly MiCBT professional development and a great opportunity to deepen your meditation skills. It is a near-silent retreat with a predominantly meditative content. 

The main purpose of the 5-day retreat is to deepen the practice of mindfulness meditation and acquire further personal benefits for therapists who have attended an MiCBT Foundation or Applied Course. The retreat is also offered to mental health therapists who have attended a 2-day MiCBT workshop and wish to directly experience the mindfulness method used in MiCBT. The retreat provides a more advanced understanding of mindfulness meditation and its fundamental purpose in the wider Buddhist teaching of the Eightfold Noble Path and its relevance to MiCBT. 

The fee is kept purposefully low to facilitate frequent attendance for MiCBT clinicians and teachers.


Participants must have successfully completed the 2-day MiCBT Workshop.

Learning objectives

You will develop greater levels of awareness and equanimity. You will learn the structure, content and purpose of the Eightfold Noble Path, of which mindfulness is a part. You will also learn to implement mindfulness meditation during MiCBT with greater knowledge and confidence.

Fee (AUD)

Early Bird Fee:$600 + accommodation 
Regular Fee: $700 + accommodation

Venue - Australia

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram is a traditional meditation centre nestled within the depths of Wombat State Forest (approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne). Enjoy delicious, balanced vegetarian food, with lots of grains and fresh vegetables mostly from the ashram organic garden or sourced from organic local farmers in the neighbourhood. Every attendee participates in 30-minutes of daily service. The service activities of the centre can include gardening, picking vegetables and helping to cook a vegetarian lunch or making bread or goodies, office work and maintenance, sustainable building projects, environmental developments, library and other interesting creative projects and aspects of the ashram. 

MiCBT Therapists with Dr Cayoun - Intensive RetreatMiCBT Therapists with Dr Cayoun - Intensive RetreatMiCBT Therapists with Dr Cayoun - Intensive Retreat
SOURCE:  Rocklyn Yoga AshramSOURCE:  Rocklyn Yoga AshramSOURCE:  Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

Venue - Canada

Situated next to an old growth forest overlooking the Ottawa River, Galilee Centre is a welcoming holistic spiritual life centre that is an oasis of peace, care and comfort.


  Dr Bruno Cayoun
 3pm Friday 15th February- 12pm Wednesday 20th February 2019
  Rocklyn Yoga Ashram
393 Dean-Barkstead Rd, Rocklyn VIC AUSTRALIA
  Dr Bruno Cayoun
 3pm 3.00pm Thursday 7 November - 12.00pm Tuesday 12 November 2019
  Galilee Centre
398 John Street North, Arnprior ON CANADA

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Mikako - Clinical Psychologist, Gold Coast  commented on 01-May-2013 10:35 PM5 out of 5 stars
The retreat must have helped me dissolve a layer of my 'ego' or two - because I am now effortlessly loving and patient, both inside and out.