Mindfulness-integrated CBT Masterclasses


Despite the efficacy of Mindfulness-integrated CBT as a transdiagnostic approach to treating a wide range of mental health conditions, it is inevitably complex and clinicians need as much assistance and training as possible to improve its use, especially with high comorbidity and complex or reluctant clients. 

The aim of the masterclass series is to assist therapists already trained in MiCBT to deepen their skills and make the most out of the MiCBT approach. You will learn useful strategies that can make a marked difference in your therapy outcomes. It will offer the space to discuss problems you commonly or occasionally encounter in your clinical work and will provide tools to address them. 

Our masterclasses are specifically designed to assist mental health professionals who have already undertaken at least basic training in MiCBT and implemented MiCBT with their clients under supervision through the Applied Course. It will be an opportunity to learn directly from Dr Bruno Cayoun, the principal developer of MiCBT. 

Teaching Approach 

Masterclasses last 2 hours and are offered online only. A masterclass is a live presentation where you watch the trainer discuss a specific topic and answer and discuss related questions in real time. Although you are invited to send questions that you may have related to the masterclass topic, it is not a requirement for you do so in order to attend. To prevent distractions and maximise the focus on the masterclass theme, only topics related to the masterclass theme will be discussed. For example, if the theme is “improving interoceptive exposure while in crisis”, queries about how to use the Socratic dialogue will be addressed in relation to this theme only. 

To ascertain a timely, focused and content-efficient delivery, masterclasses do not offer online interactions during the event, so you are very much encouraged to send any related questions you may have, via the dedicated online form following your registration. Please note that questions are read anonymously and there will be no way for the participants to know who asked the questions. 

Masterclasses are segmented into two parts. In the first (longer) part, the trainer discusses the chosen theme in some detail.  In the second (shorter) part, the trainer will answer questions previously submitted. 

Masterclasses are conducted online using Zoom.  This is accessed through your internet browser and you do not need to purchase any software - all you need is a computer with good internet connection, a headset with microphone and a webcam. Information on accessing the masterclass with Zoom is available after registration.


Participants must have successfully completed the MiCBT Foundation Course.

CPD Hours 

2 CPD hours may be claimed, but please check eligibility with your professional body regarding other criteria, e.g. active, specialist college, etc. (For psychologists in Australia, this course meets APS criteria for 2 CPD hours).Live participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Register for a Masterclass

  9:30am - 11:30am (local time Hobart, Australia)
  Online - Zoom
 Trainer: Bruno Cayoun
  2 CPD

Masterclass On-demand

If you were not able to participate in the live Masterclass, the recordings of each Masterclass is available for viewing on-demand. See all previous masterclasses here

Masterclass FAQs

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Don Vogt commented on 10-Sep-2020 09:05 AM5 out of 5 stars
I really valued the precision and well paced nature of Bruno's presentation. His case examples powerfully illustrated how our childhood issues can be transferred onto our contemporary reactions to current dilemmas and sub-conscious reactions to the therapist. And as much, can influence the therapist's own past issues being counter transferred back to our reactions to client situations. Bruno's presentation explained how MiCBT skills can re-train those childhood-based reactions into more considered equanimous responses.
Kirsten Morgan, MA, RSW, RCC. Canada. commented on 22-May-2020 04:35 AM5 out of 5 stars
Packed full of helpful and relevant information. Will be worth watching again..
Linda Gray. Registered Nurse. commented on 20-May-2020 02:49 PM5 out of 5 stars
Excellent and informative.
Elisabeth Wilson-Evered PhD Research Professor, Registered Psychologist commented on  20-May-2020 05:05 AM5 out of 5 stars
Excellent class, skilfully presented by Dr Bruno, who thoughtfully integrates ancient and new knowledge applied to self development and psychological practice. By applying evidence base along with historical writings and spiritual insights, the class has deep resonance and application.
Marc de Bruin, MCouns commented on 19-May-2020 10:11 AM5 out of 5 stars
Co-emergence is such an important element of the MiCBT model that I think everyone involved in this modality should attend this Masterclass at least once every year!
Bron Moth, M.Sc, PG Dip.Clin.Psyc. commented on 19-May-2020 07:18 AM3 out of 5 stars
I found the presentation and examples useful. Some was revision but also developed my understanding.
Rami A, Alnufaie. Clinical Psychologist - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia commented on 19-May-2020 06:12 AM5 out of 5 stars
Because he can take the meaning from philosophical intently and materialize at the nervous level then continue to it, behavioral, cognitive result, the student feel the quality, value, and applicability of this knowledge
Pauline Enright, PhD Philosophy, Diploma Professional Counselling, Tasmania. commented on 27-Nov-2017 08:28 AM5 out of 5 stars
It was helpful to learn how to adapt the model for use with grieving clients without losing its integrity.
Barbara Woods, Ph.D., CCC, Psychotherapist, Manitoba, Canada commented on 05-Oct-2017 07:41 AM4 out of 5 stars
I am very happy to have the ability to use MiCBT with children. This extension to younger children will be very helpful with my work!
Greg Baker Clinical Psychologist Orange NSW MPsych, MAPS,MCCLP commented on 02-Oct-2017 11:53 AM4 out of 5 stars
Excellent value. Powerpoint for personal reference only would be helpful to me. Short video demo of technique would helpful - even if actor.
Pauline Enright. Diploma Professional Counselling. PhD Philosophy. Mental Health Counsellor, Hobart commented on 02-Oct-2017 11:49 AM5 out of 5 stars
Excellent presentation Bruno. Very useful information. Gives me more confidence to work with children. Thankyou!
Dr Richard Hulme, DPsych, Clinical Psychologist, QLD commented on 07-Jun-2017 03:36 PM4 out of 5 stars