Upcoming Training

Mindfulness-integrated CBT Training for Mental Health Therapists

MiCBT is a mindfulness-based therapy specifically designed to address clinical and subclinical conditions. As such, only registered and currently practising psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (mental health - level 2), mental health social workers, mental health occupational therapists, mental health nurses and professionally qualified counsellors may apply.

Workshops: Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention and Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsThe aim of this workshop is to introduce the integration of mindfulness training with core principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to improve our way of addressing chronic conditions, crisis and prevent relapse in a wide range of psychological disorders. It will describe the important theoretical framework underlying MiCBT and introduce participants to the use of these skills across a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. Read More >>

The Foundation Course

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsMindfulness-integrated CBT is an evidence-based transdiagnostic approach, specifically designed to address a wide range of mental health conditions. To implement MiCBT efficiently, we believe it is essential that therapists also develop their own skills in mindfulness practice. In this course, you will personally practise and integrate the mindfulness and CBT skills used in MiCBT while learning the theoretical framework for these practices. Read More >>

The Applied Course

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsThe aim of this comprehensive course is to provide you with a sound understanding of principles, theory and practice of Mindfulness-integrated CBT. You will learn to implement MiCBT confidently with individual clients and/or groups across a range of diagnoses, in most most mental health settings, public and private, while being supervised by the trainer. Read More >>

Group Supervision

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsYou have attended training in Mindfulness-integrated CBT and are looking for meaningful CPD? Prepare to discuss your client case and to add input to others. These sessions can be attended on a needs basis and attendees are not required to commit to continual attendance. To ensure quality of content, each session will be restricted to a maximum of 5 therapists per group. Read More >>

MiCBT Masterclasses

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsThe aim of the masterclass series is to assist therapists already trained in MiCBT to deepen their skills and make the most out of the Mindfulness-integrated CBT approach. You will learn useful strategies that can make a marked difference in your therapy outcomes. It will offer the space to discuss problems you commonly or occasionally encounter in your clinical work and will provide tools to address them. Read More >>

APS Conference 2017 Workshop: MiCBT for Trauma

Mindfulness Training Courses and WorkshopsDeepen your understanding of operant conditioning and exposure principles and learn mindfulness-based exposure methods for clients with trauma symptoms. These will include novel exposure methods to decrease avoidance and reduce the distress caused by panic attacks and traumatic memories.